TSLA Analysis:Overprice | Underweight

TSLA Analysis Overprice | Underweight • Distinguish product, unique business model, cutting edge technology. No legacy burden such as pension, OPEB… • However, all above factors have been priced in a lot, even with bolder forecast in model 3 volume. • The street valuation is given by a combination of lots of valuation factors and … Continue reading TSLA Analysis:Overprice | Underweight

Market Recap 11/15/2018

Brexit: deal or not deal? Bring lots of vol to the mkt Major indexes got boost as US China trade optimism. ABS spread widen for EU -> investors biggest concern is the upcoming implementation of the securitization regulation US Fed stop purchasing agency mortgage and it is challenging and widen the spread Dec rate hike … Continue reading Market Recap 11/15/2018

Difference between independence and correlation – my understanding

Basically, everyone (or almost everyone) knows that independence and correlation equal to zero are different concepts. More importantly, they don’t have two-way relations, which is if you know two random variables X, Y have zero correlation, you cannot imply that X and Y are independent. However, if X and Y are independent, they will be … Continue reading Difference between independence and correlation – my understanding