Biweekly Market Recap 2018/5/19

GDP:  Comes down from 2.9% to 2.3%… non-manufacture sector is doing a little bit better… Consumer:  Used to have a few hard data on consumer spending/sales in the past few months, but Q1 we have a growth on the consumer spending.  US is tracking the global consumer spending growth. CapEx: Inflation: General up trend… Although … Continue reading Biweekly Market Recap 2018/5/19

Biweekly Market Recap 4/28/2018

Q1 data confirms the expectation that it is a soft patch and market is waiting for the rebound (consumer/retail sale) PMI has a steady number this month, the details looks good. Although the PMI seems not flash a lot, the momentum is coming down, but the level is higher than 50 and it is still positive. CapEx … Continue reading Biweekly Market Recap 4/28/2018

Biweekly Market Recap 4/14/2018

Earning Expect strong growth which supports the equity price. US dollar depreciation (3% YoY) also helps to prosper the earnings. Energy 2018 Brent target price $68, WTI price $65, slightly goes down compared to now Trade War China recently announced the revolution on the financial market which provides more openness to foreign investors and institutions. Surprisingly, the implementing … Continue reading Biweekly Market Recap 4/14/2018

Biweekly Market Recap 3/31/2018

US Before 2018 1Q, lots of data look too good to be true, and the truth is some of the data/ signals is deteriorating in Q1 but not alarming. Retail is moderate, due to the inflation pick up and the oil price runs up. Need to look at when the retail sale will pick up … Continue reading Biweekly Market Recap 3/31/2018

Biweekly Market Recap 03/10/2018

  CPI number near concenters and extend the economic recovery. Bond bears, stock increase and recover from previous losses Trade conflicts become ever-great wildcard, and the risk premium was not priced in yet, across equity, fx, rates… So need to pay attention to hedge the risk if the trade war with China extended