How Economics Machine Work

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associate, recently published a report and video to outline his understanding of economics machine and his approach to tackling econ prediction. I will take this chance to do a deep deep digest in his econ philosophy and generate my own understanding as well. 1. Economics Machine – Video How … Continue reading How Economics Machine Work


Summary It is inevitable to have fiction and conflicts when the China GDP bypass US. The import/output total value is 2.7 trillion RMB in 2017, flipped from the decreasing trend in the last two consecutive year. Machine equipment and electronic device largely increase, especially the auto, cellphone and computer. The labor intensive product, people think … Continue reading 从2017年进口数据看中国的软肋


Max Zhou used to work in LinkedIn, then Uber and Mobile. Now he is the co-Founder of MetaAPP, a sandbox type application. In this article, he describes his feeling after quitting Uber and coming back to China, also what he had experienced under the special tech environment in China. 从假风口说起 过去一年,我回到北京,身在其中体会中国创投圈的浮躁。一年之内飘过多少小风口和大风口,里面大多已经被证伪。我简略的从脑海中记录几例,其中横线划掉打岔的的是已经演化到终局,有了负面的结论;剩下的是还没有足够时间演化的领域,但他们在我理解中也不是这个社会最需要的创新。 小风口: 共享充电宝(假)、喜茶/瑞幸、狼人杀(假)、线上抓娃娃(假)、共享打印机(假)、直播答题(假)、无人便利店(假) 大风口: 共享单车(假)、区块链、Startup … Continue reading 创投圈去魅